Noel Mulet is a residential interior designer and color consultant living and working in San Francisco. After graduating with Bachelors in Fine Arts in interior architecture and design from Academy of Art University in 2000 Noel embarked on a career working for several high end firms. In 2005 Noel established his own company and has been creating inspired residential interiors throughout northern California, Florida, the Caribbean, and South America. Noel believes living surrounded by color in  a harmonious environment nurtures ones soul and allows for more happiness and creativity.

Noel began his career with the renowned firm Orlando Diaz-Azcuy Designs where he perfected a broad skill set ranging from sketching & model building to interior architectural detailing. An accomplished manager with a very hands-on approach, he pays close attention to the project scope and works to develop a budget scenario customized to your personal needs. Its this idea of marrying effective management with creative expression that allows for in-depth ,personal attention to the design process.The result is a productive design process resulting in an imaginative and beautifully realized home that is uniquely yours. 

Noel’s projects are highly collaborative, drawing equally on his aesthetic sensibilities and his client’s lifestyle, tastes and budget.  During the initial meetings Noel identifies your style preferences, spatial needs and challenges to tailor a custom look that is functional yet expressive, timeless yet personal. even favorite memories and mementos, to tailor a custom look that is functional and expressive, timeless yet personal. The completed results reflects both the designer’s artistry and the personality of owners.

With expert knowledge of design principles such as balance, proportion, scale , color and pattern, and a vast source of contemporary and traditional furniture, custom upholstery and exotic accessories, Noel is able to capture that special blend of features that becomes your signature style. By giving equal importance to every element, he strives to create a dialogue between objects and space that is essential to creating a dynamic interior. Noel’s gift for utilizing color, as well as his talent for creating spaces that are both welcoming and elegant.

A native of South Florida, Noel draws special inspiration from bold colors and joyful , relaxed atmospheres. Fusing the casual warmth of the Sunshine State with the innovative spirit of the Golden State, he delivers interiors that his clients acclaim as “Stylish, clean, comfortable and Happy.”